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Opening Doors to Encounters with Jesus at Every Crosspointe of Life...

We are a missional church that exists to make Christ Jesus known to all peoples by Opening Doors to Encounters with Jesus at Every Crosspointe of Life.

There are two parts to this. First, we intentionally prioritize experiencing the revealed Presence of Jesus and embracing community. The second is we prepare people to live as disciples of Jesus in real life. Every daily opportunity that results in a choice is a Crosspointe of Life. We are all progressing along life's Journey. Where are we going? What will the journey look like? How will we know if or when we arrive? We can be prepared to make these choices while having a meaningful and full life. 

And we believe this best happens through relationships. As Crosspointe Alliance, we are all about growing healthy relationships. Again, first, our relationship with God, then our relationship with ourselves, even as we are establishing healthy relationships with family and friends, our church community, and our neighbors.

In fact, we have a big heart for our Neighborhoods and our City. We want to be here to provide a place of belonging for people from diverse backgrounds where people know they are seen, valued, and honored. We want to be a community that journeys together through the highlands, pleasant places, & dark valleys of Life, with Jesus at the Center. 

Our mission results in guiding people on their Life Journey towards Life Everlasting. That means that no matter your origin story, your race or ethnicity, your age, socio-economic reality, political bent, orientation, or where you are on that Life Journey, we want to help you open the door to a deeper life-giving reality of many encounters with Jesus and to come alongside you to inspire, encourage and equip you to live out the “good life” that is only found in Jesus around His table―one, full of meaning, identity, and purpose.

This is the kind of life that is a blessing to a hurting, overwhelmed, and often confusing world where our perspective on past experiences with God through the church or other "Christians" may not have been so life-giving. We want to help you explore getting to know the true and living God of the Bible, and be able to wade through the lies and misconceptions populated by broken, unchanged people and the enemy of our souls. We all want a real life where healing, hope, and redemption are experienced and so helps to enhance His Good in the world by continuing to cultivate and nurture His Abundant LIFE into the lives of others.

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Weekly Gatherings

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I'm Saying Hello
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HOPE Community
               Join Us On the Journey
               1st & 3rd Sundays | 10AM
Kids Disciplemaking
       Kids are Welcome
       at all Sunday
Youth Disciplemaking
 Come Find Your Identity
YA/ College Fellowships
                Let's Discover & Live
                              from Purpose
Presence & Encounter OR Worship & Service Gatherings
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           2nd & 4th Sundays | 10 AM
GROW Fellowships
                  Life is a Challenge
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Disciple Talks

More than a Sermon, an Opportunity for Life Change...

Belong & Serve With Us
We believe serving is both a privilege and an act of worship. Through covenant partnership, we grow closer to our church family and become more like Jesus as we serve in the grace of the Spirit of God to bless others through the gifts He has given us.

Our desire is that together we can grow in a connected community to actively live with the Holy Spirit from our purpose. When we belong and commit to others and then serve each other no one is lacking and there is always room for more people to belong & serve not just among us but purposefully and effectively in the world too. 

Belong & Serve
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