These four Movements of Worship set the environment for the people of Christ to be and function as His gathered community—His Church. 

There are 7 pictures of the Church's identity found in Paul's letter to the Ephesians, but it is in these four movements that we Enact the Kingdom and Host His revealed Presence. 

1. Welcome Home

We welcome All Peoples regardless of your Origin Story, or where you find yourself on the journey to Life Everlasting. 

Text WELCOME to 704-727-3048 so we can begin to get to know each other.

Jesus says He will be revealed to us through His Holy Spirit. The Scriptures tell us that when God's people gather, they become His Temple where His Spirit Dwells. Every true believer has the Holy Spirit alive in them, but when we come together, He wants to reveal Himself to His people. This may be in a personal story of Faith and Grace, a word of encouragement, the hand of God moving in healing; miraculous signs and wonders; a fresh sense of peace, joy, and hope; or an expression of God's love through His gifts to His people. 

News about what the whole Church Community is up to, what's upcoming on the Calendar. 

We are a Christ-centered, Bible-believing, Spirit-empowered Community. 

All are welcome, but not all will feel comfortable. All are wanted, but not all will find belonging. We aren't here for the religious, self-righteous, or arrogant. We are here for the hungry, humble, honest, and honorable... for those who come wounded, weak, broken, and desperate. We are a place to Encounter Jesus the Healer. We are not perfect, or experts, instead we are practitioners of the Grace and Truth of God, as revealed by the Holy Spirit in the Christian Scriptures. 

2. Orient to Christ

Hear O Church,

  There is only One True & Living God,

      may His Holy Spirit abide with us still!

  Father, as we engage the Word

      won't you shape our identity in Christ, we pray. 

Today, would you...

     open my spiritual eyes and ears,

     awaken in me a receptive heart, 

     and expand my soul and mind

     as I submit my will to obey yours?

A Psalm, Wisdom Song, or Prophet

We read together and then respond verbally in faith-filled prayers of response or declaration!

We sing 1-3 songs from a variety of styles:

Gospel, (& Spoken Word)

Contemporary Psalms & Worship Choruses 

Classic and Modern Hymns

Spiritual Songs for the Journey...

....and at times in the Spanish Language. 


Every Translation of the Bible has its limits. The original languages that the Bible was written in are Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek are used very differently than modern and post-modern English. So we utilize a variety of translations and paraphrases to get to the heart of what was said in the original language and cultural context of the Christian Scriptures. Even so, we are dependent on the Holy Spirit to faithfully communicate the Word of God. 

Some we have utilized are NASB, RSV, ESV, NIV, NLT, The Message, TPT, ERV, CSB, and even NKJV at times. You get the idea, there is a right translation, and there are at times better translations, but each of these has tried to faithfully translate the Scriptures into English either by a word-by-word translation, a concept-by-concept translation or somewhere in between. Each of these extremes falls short and is subject to the theological framework of the translator or translators (and sometimes the lack thereof). We are simply trying to faithfully do the same.

We are all dependent on the Holy Spirit to reveal, illuminate, and apply God's Word found in the Christian Scriptures.

3. Progress Together

Kids matter to Jesus, and they do to us too. We set aside this time to engage our Kids on the journey and to connect all participants in the community with the Word for this week. 

LeeAnn or another leader provides an interactive lesson for the whole family that prepares us for the Disciple Talk and the Kids for their Disciple-making Environment. 

As a Missional Church, we engage the Mission when we come together. We pray for the mission and see how we can participate in partnering with God where He is working in our Neighborhoods and City. 

Pastor Drew gives us a glimpse of the vision and how we will move towards it in the next four months and month-to-month updates on our progress on the path.  

Financial Giving is only one part of stewarding (managing) the spiritual, relational, psychological, physical, and material gifts and resources God has entrusted to us. This includes things like our spiritual formation, calling, giftedness and spiritual gifts, sustaining healthy relationships, managing our time and physical health, and financial portfolios. We are reminded of our stewardship responsibility and prayer for the wise management of our resources and donations to the mission through Crosspointe Alliance Church. 

Every Pastor or Preach prepares a sermon each week. Often these talks are geared towards providing biblical information, or at best motivation or even inspiration, but all too often the purpose of casting vision for a life with Christ, and the revelation and transformation only He can provide is lost on both the speakers and the hearers. We need to approach the Word of God, whether in our personal time or as a community with open spiritual ears and eyes and receptive hearts where we are prepared to receive from God and effectively obey what He is saying to us. 

A Disciple talk is more than an exegetical sermon, it's a deep dive into the Word that gives the opportunity to Encounter Jesus and be transformed by Him, not just in the moment but for years to come. 

We encourage you to write in a journal or at least on a piece of paper during the Disciple Talk. 

  1. It helps you remain engaged. 
  2. You aren't taking notes for information, you are listening to the Spirit of God and His revelation of what God is speaking to you during each talk so that you can take the life-changing truth with you when you go. 

4. Extend Life Everlasting

At the end of each Disciple Talk, we ask...

So What? 

This is the practical skillset we need with the mindset that the Talk is addressing.

Now What?

This addresses the Heart-set to make the mindset and skillset a transformative Encounter with God as He speaks to us. 

    1. What is He revealing about Himself?
    2. What is He revealing about Humanity?
    3. What is He revealing to you about your story? 

Fully dependent on Holy Spirit...

    1. Seek: What do you want God to do in you in response to His revelation?
    2. Surrender: What will be your next step to abide and obey?

We are told to cast our cares on Jesus. This is our opportunity when we gather to bring our requests before the throne of Father God together to receive mercy and grace. 

As a Missional Church, we engage the Mission by praying together. for our neighbors, city, region, nation & peoples, and places beyond. We pray for people who need to encounter Jesus and the grace & peace He alone can provide. 

It is a spoken statement Blessing of Sending to those who are gathered. We are a church who believes in blessing others. The blessing of God meets all our core needs―presence, provision, protection, purpose, joy & delight, hope, favor, love, health, and peace. We need these blessings, so we practice receiving from God and each other and giving the blessing to others.