Where Churches Begin

Churches always begin by gathering in all sorts of creative spaces and places, and in the affluent west almost always move towards owning a "House of Worship". Part of our vision is to plant the gathered community of Jesus Christ to intentionally function indefinitely in various creative spaces and places all over our city and regions beyond where Church Equipping and Community Centers function as hubs for the release of Kingdom Activity and not the caskets for where local churches die.

One of the most common places these life-giving environments of the Church exist is in the home of a fully devoted Christ-believer, but we can truly gather anywhere the Presence of Christ makes His home. The Covenantal Partnership of the community, the Empowering Presence of the Holy Spirit, and the Missional Kingdom Purpose of the people of God to reproduce fully-devoted Disciples are the essential aspects of any of these bodies of believers to be effective and fruitful in any given Context.